Native Mobile Apps made easy

Ahome-Titanium is our opensource library that enables you to build native UIs for iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone from a single, shared Java codebase. We created Ahome-Titanium because we believe that there had to be a better way to develop native apps. As developers we dont only want awesome results. We also want a powerful ecosystem and great tools to reach our goals. Ahome-Titanium combines the GWT Compiler to generate high performant JavaScript code that then runs inside Appcelerator Titanium Mobile, helping you write native mobile applications for all major plarforms with ease.

Simple and Familiar.

We designed the Ahome-Titanium API to be familiar and easy to use. Every one will feel right at home using our library. See how the code on the right looks simple and intuitive.


Great tools and ecosystem.

Because we leverage the Java language all the tools and libraries available in enterprise Java are also available to you. Having powerful tools at hand has always been a great asset, specially on big scale enterprise applications. Anything you can do in JavaScript with the regular Titanium development model, you can now do it in Java.


Amazing Results

Applications created with Ahome-Titanium looks beautiful and have no-compromise native user interfaces.

Wait no longer.Build amazing Apps today.