Reading and/or writing files is probably one of the most common actions in modern webapplications. Because the browser (for security reasons) prevents direct access to the user's machine, this has to be done on the server. HTML5 introduced a promising File API but that API requires the use of a modern browser which is not always available, specially in enterprise applications.

While generating every file on the server works pretty well, it requires a lot of ressources. Being able to read and write files on the client without hiting the server is a feature that helps your application scale better, since you don't need to worry about server-side resources as your user base grows.

This is the reason why we creaed Client IO. A simple library that brings the Flash File API to regular web apps through GWT. ClientIO will help you offload some of the file generation functionalities to the client, saving resources and heavy computation to the server.

Below is an example of how to use the library. As you can see we tried to make the API simple and easy to understand.


At Ahomé we aim to create tools that helps developers be more productive. We hope you find Client-IO as useful as we do.
Go and build great things.